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The Freemasons Grand Charity - which since 1980, has made grants totalling over £100 million to thousands of individuals and national charities. The work of the Grand Charity continues a commitment to charitable support that began nearly 300 years ago in the earliest days of organised Freemasonry. All of the money distributed is provided mainly through an annual contribution made by individual Freemasons and fundraising Festivals held each year.

Royal Masonic Trust for Girls and Boys - which since the late 18th Century, has helped relieve poverty, and advance the education of the children of deceased and distressed Freemasons.

Masonic Samaritan Fund - which provides grants to eligible beneficiaries who have an identified health or care need and, faced with a long wait for treatment, care or support, are unable to afford their own private care.

Royal Masonic Benevolent Institution – which has been caring for older Freemasons and their dependants for over 160 years, and operates 17 residential and nursing care homes across England and Wales, a number of which offer specialist dementia care.

Current, former, and deceased Freemasons, their families, and other dependants who have a financial, healthcare or family need are encouraged to seek help in accessing a range of services and benefits available to them from these four central national Masonic Charities through a joint initiative called Freemasonry Cares.
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